Are you facing a challenging situation at the moment? We invite you to submit your prayer request using the online form. Our prayer teams are on standby to agree and pray with you and your loved ones.
No matter what you may be going through today, remember that Jesus’ love for you never fails!

I have prayed the Salvation Prayer

We are not meant to walk alone in our spiritual journey. At SIBLife, we would like to journey with you until you experience the breakthrough from God in any areas of your life. Connect with us, let's journey together!

Saya telah berdoa Doa Keselamatan

Kita tidak seharusnya berjalan sendiri dalam perjalanan rohani kita. Di SIBLife, kami ingin berjalan bersama anda sehingga anda mengalami penerobosan dari Tuhan dalam apa juga bahagian kehidupan anda. 

Prayer Request

At SIBLife, we wholeheartedly believe in the power of prayer. Even when we don't know how to pray for ourselves, our community is always ready and willing to pray for one another.

How can we pray for you this week?