This is SIBLife

Sidang Injil Borneo Life or more commonly known as SIBLife is a church where you can experience the fullness of life in Jesus. We are a city church with a Bornean-vibe, made up of people from different walks of life. But we all share one common desire - to experience the life-transforming love of Jesus in our lives till it overflows and impacts our communities and the world. 

Founded in 2017 by our Senior Pastor, Pr. Daniel Tan and his wife, Ann Lim, SIBLife has since grown into three locations- one in the Klang Valley, one in Tronoh and one in Lumut, Perak.  SIBLife is also part of Sidang Injil Borneo (SIB) Semenanjung. 

How We Began

Throughout the years that Pr. Daniel and Ann have served the East Malaysians, they have come to really love the people.

“The people of Borneo are not a mission field for us, they are people whom we love.” 

- Pr. Daniel and Ann

Their hearts became very burdened for the people. They saw so much potential in them, yet to be unleashed; a people of the land whom they believed God loves so much that He desires to make them the head and not the tail; a people who can become exemplary for all Malaysians and beyond. They saw a bigger purpose that God has for the Orang Asal church, to not just merely exist but to exist to impact and to lead the people of God in our nation to possess this land.

In 2013, God gave Pr. Daniel a vision of Nehemiah - after Israel had completed rebuilding the walls, the capital city Jerusalem needed to be repopulated with God’s people. Nehemiah (chapter 11) called the Israelites to send to Jerusalem 10% of their people from their villages where they had comfortably settled down. The very first group of people who returned were those who served in God’s temple. But why did the temple servers return first?

God revealed to Pr. Daniel that when we capture the heart of a nation, we capture the nation. The heart of a nation is the capital city and the house of God is and has to be the beacon for that heart. If we believe that the Orang Asal are to lead the Church into revival, then we first need to raise up a strong and impactful Orang Asal church in the heart of our nation - Kuala Lumpur.

In response to this vision, in 2013 Pr. Daniel started a Bahasa Malaysia ministry to reach out to the Borneans residing in the Klang Valley. This was to disciple and train up a group of leaders who will be ready to bring the vision to fruition. It was in 2017 that God spoke clearly that it was time, and on 4 November 2017, SIBLife was birthed. 

In early 2017, the SIBLife leadership sought the Lord together in Ba’kelalan and He gave us the vision to raise up a church that will have a different spirit like Joshua and Caleb and who will follow God wholeheartedly. It was because of that spirit and obedience that God promised that He will bring them into the promised land, and their descendants will inherit it (‭‭Numbers‬ 14‬:‭24‬). God gave us a vision to bring Life to all nations, beginning from our Jerusalem, to our whole beloved nation, and onward to the ends of the earth.

We are witnessing a glimpse of this vision being unfolded. In the first two years, we planted two churches in Perak to reach the East Malaysians who are studying and working there. In our second and third year, we helped plant one church in Sarawak and one in Sabah; both churches are thriving and impacting their respective communities. We believe greater things are yet to come as long as we ensure that we live by Numbers 14:24.

Our Church DNA

SIBLife Pastoral Team

Pr Daniel Tan

Senior Pastor

After 9 years in the corporate world, Daniel stepped into his pastoral calling in 2006. With a love for Sarawak, he and his wife served as missionaries from 2016-2018. In 2013, they pioneered a ministry to reach Borneans in the Klang Valley and this has grown to be SIBLife with a satellite church at Seri Iskandar, Perak. Daniel obtained his Associate Degree in Ministry from Harvest Bible College, Australia. In 2010, he founded Yayasan Generasi Gemilang (formerly a Persatuan Kebajikan). Daniel was nominated by the Prime Minister’s Office as an Everyday Malaysian Hero recognising the work done with the under-served communities. In 2017, he won the Malaysia’s Top 10 Most Empowering Young Community Champion award. In 2018, he was appointed by the Deputy Prime Minister, Dato’ Seri Dr. Wan Azizah, to be on the Board of Trustees of Yayasan Kebajikan Negara. Daniel is happily married to Ann. She loves to cook and Dan loves to eat. Perfect match!

Pr Wagner Daniel

Pastor Wagner serves as the Lead Pastor of SIBLife. He is the pastor-in-charge of cells in and also the zone leader for the young adult cells. He was a professional musician before answering God’s call to be a full-time minister in 2015. Pastor Wagner is passionate in teaching the Word and he also loves to equip the church leaders of tomorrow, encouraging them to stand tall and strong and be the leaders that God has designed them to be. He strongly believes that the Bumiputras of East Malaysia are not only called to impact their own people but also the people of West Malaysia and beyond. Pastor Wagner and his wife, Helena Ping are blessed with two lovely boys, David and Gavin Wagner, and a daughter, Mikaela.

Pr Lenny Tabari

Pastor Lenny is currently the Ministry Pastor in SIBLife. Graduated in the field of I.T. (Database Management), she was working as a software developer for 5 years before being called to serve the Lord fulltime in 2012. Pastor Lenny also holds a certificate in Bible Studies and Church Ministry from the Bible College of Malaysia in 2017. Pastor Lenny love spending time with friends and family, enjoying the company of others and especially good food. She is passionate about encouraging others to live a fulfilled live in Christ. Pastor Lenny and her husband Kadimus are blessed with two lovely boys Blessly Acho, and Brightly Achang.

Pr Veronica Sitem

Pastor Veronica have been involved in church ministry since 1999 starting in SIB Pusat Semenanjung and then being called to serve in SIB Seri Iskandar and finally becoming the Campus Pastor for SIBLife in 2019, serving in Tronoh and Lumut, Perak. She graduated with a Diploma in Theology from Lighthouse Equipping Theological School, Jakarta and was one of the pioneer for Teens Ministry (Bahasa Malaysia) in SIB Semenanjung. A true Sabahan from Kota Marudu, Pastor Veron is the third child out of 6 siblings. She loves meeting people and her passion is really to see people’s lives change as the encounter and grow in the love of Christ.