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It's important that, even when we are unable to meet physically together we remember that we are still part of a family we call SIBLife; a family which loves, cares for and supports one another.

To help facilitate this we have a SIBLife Church WhatsApp group. The group is administered and moderated centrally so as to ensure that those included are truly part of the Good News family and that what is being shared is appropriate and helpful.


The primary purpose of the group is to provide an opportunity for people to share prayer requests or testimonies to build one another up and so as to bring glory to God in the whole church context, so that we can stand together in prayer and celebration.

Group Admin.

The group is administered by a person or persons appointed by the church leadership.

Group Members.

Group members are only those who are part of SIBLife Church; that is those who are regular attenders to SIBLife (whether in person or online), and who call SIBLife their “home church”.

New members will only be able to be added to the group by the group admins.

Those who leave the church will be removed from the group. Those who repeatedly misuse the group by ignoring these guidelines will also be removed.


Group Usage.

The group is specifically for the following uses:

The group should not be used for:

  • Anything other than the above and specifically…

  • Private messages between individuals

  • Sharing of external links such as teaching from other sources

  • Requests for sponsorship etc.

  • Sales, including generating business

It is our hope and expectation that this group should be used for the building up and edification of the church, please do not misuse it.

🙏🏻  Prayer requests

We want to be able to stand with one another in prayer, this group is an ideal place to share prayer requests. When prayer requests are shared, follow-up information should be shared.

📣  Communication from leadership

There may be occasions when the church leadership share encouragement or teaching where they feel this is an appropriate platform to do so.

💬 Testimonies and answers to prayer

We want to encourage one another and bring glory to God when He works in our lives, as such this is a great place where testimonies can be shared.

🗂  Sharing of resources

It’s great to be able to share what God has given us, so if you have something going spare you’d like to give away, this is a good place to offer it. It should be noted though that the group should not be used for sales.


By nature of the group being a WhatsApp group, the privacy settings are determined by WhatsApp. WhatsApp privacy policy can be seen here: www.whatsapp.com/legal/#privacy-policy.

It should be noted that by being a part of the group your phone number will be visible to all others in the group. Whilst we will try to administrate the group to the best of our ability, looking to ensure that only those who are a part of the SIBLife Church family are included, SIBLife Church cannot accept responsibility for how other group members use your contact details should you choose to be a part of it.

Use the form below to sign up to the WhatsApp group

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