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Join a serve team.

SIBLife is not build by the talents of few but sacrifices of many. Our serve teams are made up of incredible individuals who wish to use their time and talents to build the kingdom of God. Join the team that makes it happen.

Areas to serve


Image by ShareGrid

Without you, our services would be quiet, beige, and very stone-age feeling. You bring all the atmosphere by operating all the pretty lights, sounds, bells, and whistles!

Worship Musos

Image by Tye Doring

Play an instrument? Our team plays the role of being instruments of delivering the music that carries our worship experiences. Whether you play guitar, bass, drums, keys, or any other instrument, there’s a place for you on our team. 

Outreach Team

Image by Joel Muniz

This is the outreach ministry of our church. We believe that real love is shown through action, and our team is here to bring love to our city through different outreach ministries!

Visual & Design

Image by John Jennings

Creativity stems much deeper than visual arts. It is an expression of the heart, mind, and spirit, and our team is responsible for delivering that to the world. Let’s create something beautiful. Let’s build together!


Image by Izzy Rivi

Where’s all our coffee lovers?! We need a brew crew to make and serve our coffee and pastries to our guests. Best perk? Pretty must everyone hits up the coffee bar, so it’s the best opportunity to meet people and engage with them!

Kids Volunteer


Do you have a heart to serve our families by teaching our kids the word of god in a fun and creative way? LifeKids is the place to be! This consists of bible lessons, dancing, crafting, snacks, games, and fun!

Worship Singer

Image by Debby Ledet

Ready to show off your killer dance moves on stage while also ushering people into the presence of God? Join our team and use your voice to lead people into a real, genuine encounter with Jesus through worship.

Welcome Team


We like to say that life moves at the speed of our relationships, and that all starts through a simple connection! Be a friendly face in the lobby, meet new guests, and get them connected to the life of our church!

Host Team


Do you like helping the lost? Great!…because we’re sending them all your way! Whether you’re in the parking lot helping people park and find their way to the front doors and to our main sanctuary.

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