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Our Ministries 


SIBLife is a multigenerational church and heading towards a hybrid church in 2021. All the groups are currently meeting either in person or online.


LifeKids is our children ministry. This ministry aims to partner parents in guiding children towards having a HEART for God.

LifeKids is now available in all locations. Kindly contact our leaders for the time.


This is a special service for Sabahans, Sarawakians and Peninsular Malaysia's Bumiputeras who are unable to attend church on Sunday mornings.


This service happens every Thursday at 11.00pm in LifeHome.


Campus life for students can be challenging especially being away from home and family. UCLife provides the family unit that students need throughout their campus life.


Our UCLife cells meet weekly on weekdays night.


Healthy ministry to men connects, disciples, challenges, and ultimately witnesses men transformed by the power of Jesus.


As men are transformed, the Lord rules and reigns over every aspect of their lives, with ever-increasing glory.


Vibrant, bold and energetic. YALife (young adult cells) provides a platform for young, working adults to unleash their full potential in Christ.


Our YALife meet weekly on weekdays night.


Adulthood is where many of life's transitions happen. The great thing is we do not have to walk alone.


AdultLife is a community where you can get connected, be discipled and grow.

Serve team

SIBLife is not built by the talents of few but sacrifices of many. Our serve teams are made up of incredible individuals who wish to use their time and talents to build the kingdom of God. These team help make church happen on Sunday mornings.



LifeCreative is the worship ministry of SIBLife Church based in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. Made up of worship leaders, musicians, audio, visual and media team who serve faithfully in church every weekend.



Do you like helping the lost? Great!…because we’re sending them all your way! Whether you’re in the parking lot helping people park and find their way to the front doors, or in the auditorium helping people find their way to their seats, our guests would literally be lost without you!



We like to say that life moves at the speed of our relationships, and that all starts through a simple connection! Be a friendly face in the lobby, meet new guests, and get them connected to the life of our church!


Image by Joel Muniz

This is the outreach ministry of our church. We believe that real love is shown through action, and our team is here to bring love to our city through different outreach ministries!

LifeKids Volunteers


Do you have a heart to serve our families by teaching our kids the word of god in a fun and creative way? LifeKids is the place to be! This consists of bible lessons, dancing, crafting, snacks, games, and fun!

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