SIBLife Back Together


Keeping you safe.

Interested in attending a SIBLife service in person? Here’s what you’ll need to know. We've made changes to how we plan and host services and events to mitigate the spread of germs during this season. We took several general safety precautions at all SIBLife Church locations:

Hand Sanitiser Stations (2).png
Hand Sanitiser Stations
Hand Sanitiser Stations

You'll find hand sanitiser stations throughout all common areas in our main sanctuary.

Sanitised seats (2).png
Safer Seating Arrangements

Based on social distancing recommended by Ministry of Health.

Safer Seating Arrangements

Standard Operation Procedure.

There's a shift in the conversations around COVID-19. It's time to start thinking about what will happen when we reopen the church. We're not heading back to the way things used to be. We're opening a new chapter after what we've learned from this pandemic. 

We've prepared a standard operation procedure for physical service. We hope you understand all the guidelines provided. Stay calm and be vigilant. We welcome you back to LifeHome! Read more:

Frequently Asked Questions.

Make sure to read the FAQs below so you know ahead of time what to expect when you return to your campus.