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Frequently Asked Questions


How to apply?

Read and download the e-flyers here for more information and the eligibility listed there. You can apply online after 29 September 2019.


What is the meaning of accommodation assistance?

Home rental deposit, partial subsidy for monthly rental, however this is subject to approval.


How much can a student get?

Case to case basis. The applicant will first be required to do their budgeting to ensure that they really need to financial assistance. In most cases, we require and expect the parents to support their child in their monthly expenses and LifeFund will top up the amount that is short. We also encourage the students to work part time during the semester break or whenever reasonably possible to supplement their financial needs as long as it does not affect their studies and spiritual growth.


Why LifeFund is only for SIBLife or future SIBLife members?

Because LifeFund has just started and we are not in the capacity to help everyone yet. We also do periodic follow up on our beneficiaries to ensure that they pass their exams, develop good character, and are growing spiritually. The monitoring can only be done if we can see them regularly and when they attend cell regularly. So for now, this is part of the requirement based on the capacity we have.

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